Scouse Bird Problems – Why Christopher Maloney won’t get my vote

Posted On: 10/09/2012

By: Scouse Bird

Saturday night I lay zombified on the couch after a heavy Friday night on the Sambuca in Moniques until X Factor came on. Suddenly I was all alert and my blood was boiling. “Oh my god it’s that cunt Christopher Maloney!”

Now I’m sure you’re all fully aware that there are two sides to every story but MY experience of Christphopher Maloney is the black to Saturday night’s X Factor’s white. They might as well be two different people. Maybe he has a Jekyll & Hyde split personality I don’t know.

I sat there seething as he shook like a shittin dog and fed the nation a (in my opinion) cock an bull story about him bein a little victim. Alright he probably does love his nan, I’ll give him that, who doesn’t love their nan? But the rest of it? Fuck off mate! I’ve watched him make a grown woman cry, now this is a woman who can hold her own and you wouldn’t necessarily go up against in an argument and he MADE HER CRY. He didn’t know this person, she was a complete stranger and somehow the bile that came out of his mouth was enough to make her break down sobbing in her place of work. No one should ever make anyone feel like that, let alone in their place of work. He was like a playground bully. This was back when I worked in face to face customer services and unfortunately he’d crossed my path on many occasions, each time he was just as consistently poisionous and vicious as the last without any real cause.
The day he made my colleague cry I’d actually seen him come in and thought “Fuck that!” and gone the toilet. The old nightmare customer dodge tricks. Unfortunately I still had to take over and serve him when she was unable to serve him any longer. I politely told him to fuck off cos no one wanted to serve him and the manager refused to allow him in again. That’s fact, I was eyewitness to that.

He’s the type of person in my opinion who walks round like the world owes him something. He’s always been horrible from the word go every time I’ve met him and for no reason at all. If you try and help him don’t expect a word of thanks. If you’ve ever worked in retail or customer service and you have that one customer who comes in and everyone is suddenly busy doing something else….in my old work that was Christopher Maloney.

In my experience he’s not a shy man. From what I’ve heard since Saturday he’s worked in and hogged the mike in many a karaoke bar. It seems I’m not the only one who’s had this experience with him either I’ve had my opinion backed up by quite a few people on twitter who’ve worked with him or had the unfortunate luck of havin to serve him. The irony is his twitter bio says he works in customer service. His twitter that seems to only recently have been set up as he’s never tweeted off it. I’m only speculating but could this have been set up by the X Factor machine in readiness for his X Factor journey? Call me a cynic. It’s been alledged by one twitter user (I wasn’t there so I can’t say whether this is true or not) that he never got a standing ovation at his Echo Arena audition and instead was brought back on at the end by producers and then had the standing ovation. Why would that need to happen if the audiences reaction had been genuinely so elated?

This isn’t anything to do with jealousy or putting Liverpool down. I’ve rooted for every scouser going, from Eaton Road to the gorge Rebecca Ferguson and the fab Marcus Collins. I’m genuinely thrilled to see scousers doing so well. Christopher Maloney is just one man I can and will not get behind.

Make your own minds up, you’ve seen the X Factor and you’ve read my blog. Think whatever you like, I’m not going to tell you what to think. Just take it all with a pinch of salt.


Scouse Bird


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