Scouse Bird Problems – Italy: Bologna


Posted On: 20/08/2014

By: Scouse Bird

We stopped off here for lunch on the road from Pisa to Lake Garda. I don’t know if your family is at all like mine but spaghetti bolognaise is like our family dish and growing up we’d have it at least once a week without fail. I couldn’t pass up the chance to sample spaghetti bolognaise (well, they actually mostly serve it with tagliatelle) in the very place where it originated. It was gorgeous and well worth the stop off.

Bologna itself was very, very quiet, especially for a Saturday lunchtime. Apparently most Italian cities practically shut down during the summer months as it’s Italian holiday season. We visited the famous ‘two towers of Bologna’ and noticed one had a significant lean, possibly moreso than even Pisa. Makes you wonder if the Italians shouldn’t just give up tower building as a bad job.

[The restaurant we visited was called Rosarose. Service was excellent and reasnably priced (well, reasonably priced for Italy) and most importantly – free wifi]

For more tips and beautiful pictures of Italy check out my other blogs on my whistlestop tour of Europe’s shoe.










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