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He’s the one who’s always there no matter what time of day or night you need a dad cab, and he’s always there to patronise your fella when he’s messed up the DIY again. He’s your dad, he’s sound and he deserves only the very best…

A new fire pit

If there’s one thing men live for, it’s fire. Dads love getting people round for a bevvy, and if people come round to yours and you don’t end up sitting in the garden then did they even come round at all? He’ll love collecting all his spare wood, cardboard boxes and his Sky bills (you can’t just throw them away, the ID thieves will get them!) and burning them all in his new Gardeco Opera Cast Iron Chimenea. It’s 360 degrees meaning the heat will reach everyone, even your mum in her 29 blankets. Plus it’s so much prettier than your average fire pit.

Why he’ll love it: Me man, me make fire.

Rebellious socks

These Quiet Rebellion Christmas socks are the underwear equivalent of a mullet – business at the front, party at the back. From he ankle up it’s all business, meaning your dad can wear them to work and still be smart AF, but from the ankle down it’s all about the novelty Xmas cheer. These are Christmas socks 2.0. Every design in their Christmas range is named after a famous rebel and come with a little postcard explaining the back story. In short, your dad will love the though that’s gone into getting him these.

A trendy top

Farah are a bit of a conundrum. For years they were a Matalan staple appearing in any dads wardrobe – now they’re producing clothes with the same great quality but, how do I put this, a little bit cooler? They’re a brand a fella of any age can wear so treat your dad to this ‘dead trendy’ long sleeved t shirt available from mens designer wear site Loofes Clothing, perfect for winter!

Why he’ll love it: A brand he already loves is trendy!


A powerful torch

There’s something about dad’s and gadgets. I don’t know about you, but every time I go round to my parents, there’s always something new my dad wants me to marvel at. The is a torch with a case, A CASE!? It’s rechargeable by any USB port and has the brightness of 1000 Lumens (Which translates to – dead fucking bright). Whether he keeps it in his glove box for those road emergencies, the airing cupboard for when the leccy cuts out, or if he just whips it out to show it off for when anyone comes round, he’ll enjoy it, even if you don’t know why…

Why she’ll love it: When he’s camping he can make searchlights in the sky.

A Fab Four mug

It’s the Beatles AKA the fab four, but with a modern twist – they’re wearing rollers. It’s just the sort of humour that dads love and it’ll be a talking point for anyone he makes a coffee for.. not that they’ll be able to use ‘his’ mug of course. Available exclusively from The Sassy Bird.

Why he’ll love it: He’ll think it’s hilarious.

Anything novelty

Dads love a novelty gift more than anyone – it appeals to the little boy within. All dads like to have a fully stocked bar area, especially at Xmas so now he can add that extra level of professionalism AND satisfy his appetite for anything a bit quirky with this fab ice bucket barrel from Alliance Online.

Why he’ll love it: He’ll feel like he runs his own pub.

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