Scouse Bird Problems – Yonanas what’s my name? Yonanas what’s my name?


Posted On: 10/07/2013

By: Scouse Bird

If you’re a fan of ice cream but not a fan of being fat then it’s your lucky day!

Yonanas is a miracle gadget which makes fit ice cream from only one ingredient. Frozen fruit. You literally pop frozen fruit in the chute (leave it to thaw for about 10 mins for best results) and out pops soft scoop ice cream.

A quick google reveals that the recipes are endless. The official Yonanas website gives you a few to get you started:

The best thing is, the people at (Where you can purchase the Yonanas from) are giving away 4 of these ice cream makers to some lucky followers. 2 from Facebook & 2 from Twitter. Competition will run from Friday 12th til Sunday 14th at 9pm so stay tuned! I can’t wait to get mine!

Told you I have boss competitions lined up!


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