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Other than having a look at the world famous tower there isn’t a whole lot going on in Pisa. We used this as our base to relax in and stayed at the Abitalia Tower Plaza. It was a lovely hotel but one of the pitfalls I found was that food and drink by the pool was ‘strictly forbidden’, strictly forbidden unless you bought it from the hotel of course. This would be fine if they didn’t say they were doing it to protect the environment of the pool area and they didn’t charge €4 for a small bottle of water! Being the ingenious little rule breaker that I am, we just filled bubba kegs (seriously if you don’t know what one is, you need one. They hold loads of liquid and they keep your drink cool all day) with drink from the local supermarket and as far as anyone at the hotel was concerned it was just water mmm’kay? FTM. The view from the hotel, particularly the roof terrace was fantastic, right over the tower and the cathedral. The tower and the centre of Pisa was about a 15 minute walk away. Would I stay there again? Yes definitely. My only complaint was the ‘no cocktail by the pool’ rule but as with most things there are loopholes.

I’d researched a couple of clubs to go to beforehand ‘Borderline’ for live music and ‘Amaltea’ for chic cocktails; we found them both but they were shut for Italian holiday season. You win some you lose some, clearly the Italians just don’t party as hard as Scousers.

One night my boyfriend fell asleep pissed at 7pm and couldn’t be woken up – waking him up is not even to be attempted unless you want a torrent of abuse. Being starving and not wanting to venture out into Pisa alone for scran I found a boss takeaway pizza place – I simply text them my order (with the help of google translate of course) and 20 minutes later they showed up at reception and even threw in free drinks. This was by far the cheapest meal we had all holiday and one of the best! (He woke up just as the pizza arrived, jammy bastard). The number, should you ever find yourself hungry and stranded in Pisa is +393425704183

On the last day we headed into the centre for one last look at the tower and some of their amazing gelato (ice cream). There are quite a few vendors near the tower selling fake bags and glasses. As we know, Sassy Birds don’t do fake unless it’s hair, eyelashes, tan or boobs or… ok we do fake but not bags ok? Never bags! One of them offered me a fake Louis Vuitton and I shielded my real one as you would shield a Scouse prinny from badly dressed wools, “don’t look at it babe!” Police cars turned up and carried out a massive raid on the vendors right in front of our eyes. There were Gucky and Channel bags flying everywhere and lots of shouting – It was somewhere between intimidating and entertaining. Don’t let that put you off though, that was the only bit of drama we saw all holiday, it’s a lovely place to visit.

For more tips and beautiful pictures of Italy check out my other blogs on my whistlestop tour of Europe’s shoe.


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