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Home of Parma ham and I’m assuming Parmesan cheese so of course when we stopped off here for lunch on the way home from Milan to Pisa that’s exactly what we had to eat. We didn’t have long there and with it being Italian holiday season and a Sunday it was deathly quiet there but as with all Italian towns it looked gorgeous and the food was spot on.

The hardest part about our stop off here was trying to explain to the locals what butter was. In my ignorance I knew the English, the Spanish (mantequilla) and the French (beurre) for butter but not the Italian. I was panicking thinking I’d never be able to enjoy my crusty Italian bread to the absolute fullest until I finally got signal for Google translate.

It’s burro by the way; also Spanish for donkey. So although most European languages descend from Latin – there’s no predicting which way each country will take it.

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