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We visited Lucca while we were killing a few hours before catching our flight home and oh my god it’s amazing. The Roman walls are still in tact all around the city centre and there’s one way in and one way out through huge arches. I can’t believe something so old is in tact after all this time. The streets run circular around a main square full of trattorias and quaint little shops – I assume this would have been the main market place at some point. We found a restaurant for brunch which offered 2 courses, bread and a beer for €15 each  – extremely cheap for Italy; as an added bonus the service was brilliant. I had the nicest carbonara out of my whole time in Italy there. A must visit but an absolute nightmare to find your way out of again, even with sat nav  – it’s a labrynth and you will literally end up going around in circles. Lucca is about 30 minutes away from Pisa in the car.


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