Scouse Bird Problems – Mexico: Cancun

Posted On: 07/11/2014

By: Scouse Bird

Having officially been to Mexico 5 times now (that’s two and a half months of my life that I’ve spent in tequila heaven) I consider myself to be a Mexico expert, or Mexpert if you will.

If you want to know where to stay in Cancun, about the Cancun nightlife or some of the amazing stuff to do while you’re there then I’ve got separate posts for those (just click on the highlighted titles) but for some general tips if you’re heading for paradise read on…

  • Take a mixture of currency. Most travel agents will advise you not to take dollars and take only pesos and claim that once you get there no one will take dollars, that’s a crock of shit. The Mexican government are trying to crack down on the drug cartels who make big money exporting to the US so there are restrictions over there with dollar currency exchange. That being said, everywhere you go you’re quoted prices in dollars primarily and then they convert that price into pesos. This means you end up going through two different currency exchanges (pounds to pesos here then to dollars over there) so take out the middle man and just take dollars – you’ll get a better deal. I’d take some pesos though for the bus or for little shops.
  • On the subject of dollars, take loads of $1 bills to tip waiters etc. You don’t have to tip them, you’ll get good service anyway but if you tip them you’ll be treated like the princess that you are.
  • On the subject of the bus – they run all day and night up and down the hotel zone and it costs the equivalent of about 40p so if you’re doing Cancun on a budget then these are a cheap alternative to taxis home every night.
  • Lads if you’re over there and pull a bird you’ll have to pay her into your hotel, the charge for this ranges but it’s at least $50 and usually much more, so casual sex out there can become a bit of a financial commitment.
  • Don’t be tempted to save money and have sex on the beach unless you want a hefty fine or jail time if the Mexican po po catch you.
  • Now I’m not saying the Mexican police are corrupt but if you did want to chop your boyfriend up cos he was doing your head in and feed him to the sharks and you gave the police $500 to look the other way then you’d probably be sound.
  • If you hire a car don’t be tempted to speed and always, always carry your driving licence with you because apparently “it’s a big problem here amigo” – a big problem which goes away on the production of some cash of course. You’ll see locals speeding but if the ‘tourist police’ see that Hertz sign on your car they’ll think ‘kerching’. Intelligent people learn from their mistakes but really intelligent people learn from others mistakes. You have been warned.
  • Invest in a bubba keg. They hold so much more than the all inclusive cups the hotels give you and they stay cold all day, even if you leave them out in the sun. Less trips to the bar mean more tanning time.
  • Don’t be afraid to haggle. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose but if you can get dough knocked off it’s all good. This works best in the flea markets and if you’re bulk buying your excursions.
  • You can leave your complex – it’s not like Dominican or Jamaica. 
  • Make sure you save some money, you have to pay a departure tax at the airport on your way home. It’s the equivalent of about £35-40 per person.

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