Scouse Bird Problems – Top Romantic Cities To Visit In Europe

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Posted On: 25/02/2016

By: Sarah Brown

When you are in love, you get incredibly romantic and want to be in a place that has the ambience concordant with your mood. Russian girls dating agency has compiled a list of the most romantic European cities that will make you fall in love with your date once again.

  • Paris.
    The first romantic city that springs to mind is Paris. It’s often called the city of love and who will dare to deny it? Lovers from all over the world are flocking to the French capital to feel the atmosphere of love that is just overwhelming here. Take a walk down the streets where the shooting of so many romantic films took place. Go to the northern part of Paris where you can contemplate the view from the Montmartre hill and take some pictures for memories. Take an evening stroll along the Seine, eat a croissant at a cozy café, and enjoy together the sophistication of this lively city. 
  • Florence.
    This small Italian city, often called a museum in the open air, is an excellent destination for those couples who want to plunge into the atmosphere of Renaissance. The view that you can contemplate from the top of the Duomo could be a perfect illustration for a romantic book. The architecture and sculptures are not the only attractions of Florence. You’ll be fascinated by the spectacular sunsets, Tuscany cooking, and irresistible charm of the city.
  • Amsterdam.
    The capital of the Netherlands is rightly nicknamed as the Venice of the North. The network of bridged canals makes it especially beautiful and romantic. The elegant architecture that embellishes the streets creates a magical atmosphere that invites the couples to take a walk along the canals and down the cobbled streets. Feel and absorb that vibrant ambience that will stay with you even after you get back home.
  • Copenhagen.
    Have you ever been to the happiest city in the world? It’s time to visit the capital of Denmark and find out why this city was awarded this status in 2013. Copenhagen is one of the greenest cities in the world. Probably, it’s due to the fact that more than a half of its citizens commute to work riding a bicycle. The city is as if created for walking down its cobbled streets hand-in-hand. Take a Segway tour around the city and get to the statue of Little Mermaid sitting on a rock and waiting for her love. Write your names on a padlock and hang it on the bridge over the Copenhagen Harbor and throw the keys.
  • Rome.
    The beauty and charm of the Eternal City captivate at first glance and you’ll remember your holiday in Rome for good. Each corner of this ancient city breathes the air of history. The splendid architecture will take your breath away and the grandeur of the Vatican will leave you speechless. Rome is a great destination if you travel together with your sweetheart.
  • Vienna. 
    The capital of classical music, Vienna, is asking the lovers for a waltz. Walk down the streets where the greatest musicians once walked. Splendid baroque palaces, monumental avenues, vintage streetcars, elegant gardens, and legendary coffee house culture – what else do you need for a romantic getaway? Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the old imperial city at one of its cafes sipping Vienna coffee.



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