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NEWSFLASH GIRLS – The Amy Child’s dresses have hit Dorothy Perkins this week. Our favourite pouty red-head has come a long way since TOWIE hasn’t she? Considering she made a…read more →

I was invited to the Liverpool branch of Total Fitness to experience one of their laser facials at their Laser Clinic. I don’t associate gyms with beauty and facials, more…read more →

Well it’s official, it’s now been 2 years since I started the @ScouseBirdProbs twitter account and I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed every minute. Twitter has changed my life, in…read more →

A Scouse Bird Poem from @bethynfinlay xxx ‘We all know that Liverpool is famous worldwide, Our heritage, history and spirit define Merseyside, We’re funny and friendly and you can’t miss…read more →

A guest blog by @prinnybloggers – from my experience she has a point, where are they all hiding? SHOW YOURSELVES! XOXO Scouse Bird ‘Where have all the gentlemen gone?’ Don’t get…read more →

Being a Scouse Bird is complicated, not only do we have a strict set of commandments to live by – there’s a whole sub-section dedicated just to our beauty regime.…read more →

I had a fantastic e-mail from a girl this week about ‘Scouse Bird Rules’ I asked if she would like to feature as a guest blogger as they were too…read more →

The countdown is well and truly underway for the biggest event on the Scouse social calendar; National Weekend. Most of you will have already prepared and planned way in advance…read more →

How could I not review a night out with Danny O ay? I know, I know, I’m technically reviewing the bar so let’s get that straight first. Temple Bar has…read more →

If you haven’t heard of or been to The Raz then quite frankly you haven’t lived. For those of you who have been The Raz you may be thinking “Waaa…read more →


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