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I’ve been saving up for IPL for ages. I used to epilate my legs (yeh cos I’m THAT hardcore) and thanks to a crap epilator which used to snap the hairs off instead of actually ripping them out I’ve ended up with really bad ingrown hairs on my legs. Some of them are really red and scarred and as a consequence I really hate getting my legs out cos they look proper scabby.I was in Whitehaus the other week and it’s in the same building as The Laser Clinic & Beauty Boutique which has only just opened. I got talking to Sam who owns it and she said they were doing 40% off laser treatments as an introductory offer. I had enough so I thought sound, let’s go for it.She explained that what I actually need was laser hair removal, not IPL. IPL is more for treatment of acne and thread veins and ultimately not actually that efficient with hair removal. I asked if it hurt and she explained that they have a new laser which is the first one to offer a pain free experience.

Here I’ll be charting a diary of my progress as it’s a course of 6-8 treatments spaced 6 weeks apart.

blogger-image-1073757075-1405849Treatment One 08/03/2013 – I went in for my test patch on the Saturday. Apparently it’s best to shave beforehand or the laser will just zap the end of the hair instead of right down to the bulb like we want, so I had to dry shave a patch while I was there. Ouch. The actual laser itself didn’t hurt and I was in and out in 10 mins. I went back on the Monday for my actual treatment once we were sure my skin had no adverse reaction. The treatment lasted about an hour and it involved her spreading a gel (the same one you use when you’re having an ultrasound) and rubbing the laser over that patch in 60 second bursts. It honestly didn’t hurt one bit, if anything the warmth was relaxing. I nearly fell asleep at one point. I decided to get my armpits done as well (no one wants beasty pits) and silly me had forgot and worn a long sleeved dress that had to be completed removed to access the pit-al area. So in the end I had to get nek-ked and lie there covered in towels. Couple this with the fact that once again I’d forgotten to shave my legs (wtf is wrong with me?) so earlier in the day I’d had to shut myself in a toilet cubicle in work and shave my legs. I felt like a mad contortionist and people kept coming in so I was tryin to shave dead quiet. I ended up using half a roll of bog roll and had shaving foam everywhere. Not recommended! I’ll deffo be more prepared next time. Sam said that I’ll get hair regrowth this time but already it may start to be patchy and I’ll see more and more progress with each session. Wish me luck!

Treatment 2 16/04/2013 – I remembered to shave my legs this time yesss. Well let me tell you, i’ve been very impressed by the results so far from one treatment. My armpit hair has been much, much thinner (apparently the darker the hair, the better the laser works – at this rate I might take the plunge on the bikini line!), and I haven’t had to shave my legs nearly as much as quite a few of the coarser hairs have already gone meaning that my legs feel/look smoother for longer. I can’t wait to see the results from this treatment. Once again it was nice and relaxing and pain-free apart from one little tiny bit on the back of my leg where i hadn’t shaved properly, it stung a little like epilating but it was only for about 10 seconds literally, and it was totally bearable. Onwards and upwards to a new hair-free me!


Treatment three – 23/5/2013

I didn’t see much difference with the armpits this time (but there was a huge difference between 1 & 2 so maybe that why) but a big difference in my legs. I think all the dark hairs off my legs are pretty much gone now so just the blondies left. These take the longest as the laser looks for dark hair pigment. I’ve also only had 1 ingrown hair in the last 6 weeks which is a massive improvement and the main reason i wanted the treatment. I’m hardly having to shave my legs at the moment either so saving a fortune in razors and time! 2 more treatments to go before my hols, it’ll be a huge difference I hope! 

Im don’t have to shave my legs more than once a week at the moment which is amazing. I’ve had no new ingrown hairs so hopefully the existing scarred ones can start to heal. I’m trying a new product 5kincerity which is supposed to be great for scars so I’m hoping that’ll help them along. There’s been a huge difference in my armpits, I went on holiday to Nice and was goin “look! Look there’s like 10 hairs left” to me mates. One treatment left before hols. Laser hair removal was a GOOD decision.

Pretty much all hairs are gone now but seem to grow back right before I’m due for the next session. Sam is going to pump up the volume on the laser to kill them bastard hairs once and for all.


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