If, like me, you’re a complete and utter dummy when it comes to doing your hair, we’ll help you through it. Read this for a lot of cheat guides on how to get that perfect hairstyle.


Cheats Guide: To A Curly Blow 2016

It's somewhat of a Xmas tradition that I do a Cheats Guide to a curly blow just before Xmas every year, exploring the new...

A girl’s inner monologue getting ready for a night out

Ever had one of those nights when you're getting ready and absolutely NOTHING goes right? You're not alone... 7:00pm  Okay, so I’ve just got out of...
man bun

The beard and man bun BOOM

Recently, during one of my nightly TV binge sessions, the God that is Henry Cavill popped up on my screen sporting the best man...

How to: Fight off winter skin… and hair… and fat

In a feeble attempt to motivate myself to hit the gym more often I’ve followed, fitness and bikini accounts on Instagram - probably upwards...

Scousewives – Are We Really That Desperate?

This weekend was a tough one for me, I had a few insults hurled my way by a long term enemy. Some were severe,...

Blowdries and bevs at Uptown Funk… don’t believe me just watch!

If I’m ever left to my own devices whilst getting ready for a night out I have a very specific process that I tend...

Vive Le Armpit Hair!

I know this may come as a massive shock to the male population but women do actually grow hair (naturally) under their arms. Go...

When Bad Hair Happens to Good People – A 7 Step...

Hair.  For us woman, it’s all about the hair.  Yes, make up is important but if you are rocking a gorgeous outfit, your make-up...
met quarter

Why you need to visit the Met Quarter this summer

The Met Quarter isn’t just home to the best toilets in Liverpool (seriously, it's the best place to go for a wee) – it’s...

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Low maintenance hacks for high maintenance girls

As a Scouse girl, I consider myself to be quite low maintenance when it comes to my beauty regime. That being said, I'm sure...