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Posted On: 09/06/2017

By: Scouse Bird

I’m on a bit of a mission. I’ve never been an amazing dresser, I often get it wrong and I’ve made some shocking wardrobe choices in my time but I’m trying to be a better person when it comes to fashion.

After giving birth, I felt so uncomfortable in my body that I really didn’t care what I wore, it was just whatever fit me. Now i’ve lost the baby weight I’m starting to have fun with clothes again and I’m on a mission to clear out everything from my wardrobe that I don’t absolutely LOVE to wear and lash them on Depop and Ebay, and replace them with stuff that makes me feel fantastic. 

Here’s what I wore this week and where to buy:

Outfit 1 – Day drinks in town (the best kind of drinks)

This jacket is amazing – it’s from my Style Studio appointment at River Island as part of my Instagram takeover for British Style Collective. It’s the perfect summer jacket – it’s not too heavy but it’ll still keep you warm in a breeze, the blush/nude colour is really versatile and the amazing sleeve detail makes it a proper stand out item. You can buy it here.

Flamingo top by Oasis.

Lace midi skirt and strappy platforms by Very – the lace skirt is actually from their Curve range (boss that so many places are no getting on to the fact that we’re all different shapes and sizes) so it goes up to size 28!

Sunglasses – style ‘MIMI’ in pink from my very own shop.

Outfit 2 – Family day out at the Sergeant Pepper at 50 event

It’s the return of the River Island jacket – damn straight if i find something I love I’m gonna wear it every chance I get!

Dress – It’s actually a couple of years old and it’s from the Myleene Klass collection at Very. It was in my Ebay pile to sell when I got fat but when I realised I could fit in it again I was proper cheddared. Myleene has the best collection at Very hands down, she just gets me.

Boots – These are style Huanalela from Just Fab. They were actually a winter purchase but they have a very similar style called Ausia right now. Considering you can get a new pair of shoes from like £8, it really is a just fab place to have a nose round.

Hat – A New York purchase from Aldo, to try and distract everyone from my pregnant (at the time) moonhead.

Outfit 3 – Tea with the girls

As you can see I’m getting into these photos now – what can I say? I’m a frustrated model. Frustrated that I can’t eat takeaway every night but still have the physique of Gisele.

The blazer are shoes are from Just Fab again (when I was shopping for shoes, I got onto the fact they did clothes too). If you look on their site you’ll see the back of the blazer has a fab zip detail and the shoes are made of like a soft crochet material so even though I was walking the length and breadth of town that day and they were brand new shoes, there was not a rub or a blister in sight. They’re style ‘Vika’.

The skirt is from New Look and it’s actually magic – the elastic creates a tiny wait where before there was none. I actually saw a girl wearing it in Wiilliamson Square the other week and she looked fantastic sO i chased her down to ask where it was from. so wherever you are, you absolute babe, thank you! It comes in tons of colours as well so I might have to buy it in all of them…

See you next week!


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