Scouse Bird Problems – What's your Valentines style?

Posted On: 02/02/2016

By: Scouse Bird

Whether you’re spending it with the one you love, crying into a bottle of prosecco in front of the TV, out living it up with your mates (and fending off the advances of every desperate dick out on the pull) or you’re genuinely not arsed and it’s ‘just another day’ – V day is just around the corner and like it or love it, it’s gonna be all up in your face for the next couple of weeks.

No matter what type of night you’re planning, there’s nowhere, and I mean nowhere, with outfits as gorgeous as House of CB – amirite girls??

Here’s our pick of the best of the crop of their Valentines stock which will have you swerving off romantic liaisons for a lover of the dress variety….

The ‘Look At Me I’m Not Single For Once’ Dress

We’ve all been (or at least know someone who’s been) the terminally single one – we can’t help but feel made up for them when they find someone to be loved up with and start plastering it all over social media right? Right?? Nothing will make you stand out (and make sure EVERYONE sees you being all loved up) more than this dress – it even carries the theme of the dozens of roses your new beau will no doubt have sent to your work and have been artfully photographed, filtered and uploaded to Instagram pre-date… £149 with free delivery.

The ‘Sexed Up To The Nines’ Dress


There’s no doubt what’s happened tonight in this dress – you are out to get some. There’s nothing quite as sexy as lace for flashing the flesh but not flashing the flesh at the same time and this dress just about covers all your rude bits in the most tantalising of ways… £199 with free delivery.

The ‘Staying In In PJ’s But I’m Still Fucking Fabulous’ Onesie


Haven’t got a date on Valentines? Pah, who needs one when you’ve got Dominos on speed dial and Making A Murderer marathons on Netflix. You can still be oh so fabulous in this Bombshell onesie – reduced to £59 in the sale…

The ‘Hopeless Romantic’ Dress

If you have got a hot date and ‘sexy bad ass’ isn’t your style then this is right up your street – nothing says romance more than peachy hues of lace and florals (and it’s still pretty sexy AF). £199 with free delivery.

The ‘Party On’ Dress

Valentines is a weekend his year and maybe you’re just wanting to go out and party? Maybe your party boob wants to come out with you? This dress is perfect… juts plenty of tit tape though yeh?? One wrong move when you’re fist pumping and it’s nipple city. A steal at £115 with free delivery.

The ‘Can’t Touch This’ Dress

So you’re out for Valentines Day with the girls but you are NOT looking for love… try telling that to every Desperate Tom, Desperate Harry and Desperate Micro-dick out in town on Valentines night – they assume every girl is gagging for it. But this dress is limited edition, just like you sweety 💅 £199 with free delivery

The ‘Just Another Day At The Office’ Outift


So you’ve got to work and V Day is just like any other day – what about this amazing power suit? Work friendly with a blouse underneath and then whip it off and dare to bare with just the jacket for after work drinks. Genius. AND £139 for a good quality tailored suit is a bargain…

Whatever you’re doing for Valentines Day – have a boss one… and remember there’s also some fab cards and gifts in the Scouse Bird Shop 😉


Scouse Bird


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