Scouse Bird Problems – Why Every Girl Should Swear By Ebay

Posted On: 02/10/2015

By: Kate Nesta

Every girl needs eBay in their life. Too many people see eBay as a never-ending mound of hyped up, car booty crap when in fact, it’s a treasure trove of bargains.  

Have you had your eye on a bottle of Chanel Allure but just can’t justify forking out £90 after you went on that uplifting and completely necessary post-break up shopping spree last month? Well no worries, debbie123 from Wigan got a bottle for her birthday and doesn’t like it. She’s only had a few sprays so she’s stuck it on eBay with a 99p start bid. Debbie’s got you covered. 

If you’re after a bottle of Estée Lauder double wear foundation but haven’t got £30 handy, no worries. You can buy sample sachets by the bucket load for a fifth of the price.

Still fancy the bottle? You’re in luck. There are tonnes of women who’ve picked up the wrong shade and need you take it off their hands.

If you’ve got an eye for vintage fashion, you know (far too well) that you can’t splurge too much. Going on a vintage spree can be pricey, with every shop, pop up stall or boutique knowing they can charge whatever they like for one off pieces. That’s where eBay becomes your bff, but only if you’ve got a bit of patience and don’t mind rooting through endless lists of the most terrifying trends history would rather forget. If you can bear the lengthy searching you’ll find that one off piece worth waiting for, hidden amongst the horrors. The hassle is no different from fighting your way through Primark or TK Maxx on a Saturday afternoon, but this way you get to keep your onesie on. 

Whether it ‘s an oversized fur coat for a tenner or a vintage Ralph Lauren blazer for £15, eBay is an absolute dream for vintage; mainly because the people flogging it don’t have a clue. You’ve just got to put the graft in.

Vintage Hell

Vintage Heaven – shop for £19.99

That brings me to the designer gear. Not all of us are lucky enough to have footballer boyfriends or jobs that allow us to splurge on designer duds like there’s no tomorrow. That’s where eBay comes in. The amount of designer shoes, clothes and accessories on eBay is ridiculous. Some still go for a hefty price but sometimes you can find yourself an absolute steal. Louboutins for £100? YSL clutches for £50? Vivienne Westwood earrings for £30? But where, oh where? EBAY!

Another perk of eBay is the international sellers. Buying stuff from China may take a lifetime to arrive but where else are you going to get a pair of statement earrings for 27p? With free postage!


You can get these for £1.77!

You’ll always wonder how they can do it for so little, but you’ll learn not to question the how and focus more on the amount you can buy for a quid. You’ve gotta love a challenge. 

They specialise in statement jewellery and China is the Aladdin’s cave of all things statement. With chunky necklaces to rival that of St Johns and more bling than you can shake a stick at; just have a nosey – you won’t regret it. 

Now, while you may be experiencing the feeling of complete and utter excitement at the prospect of dirt-cheap bling, beware! Whilst China is incredible for the accessories, never trust the clothing. Treat it like Facebook – the eBay display photo looks like the profile picture, where as the real thing, which arrives three weeks later, looks like the tagged photo. The tagged photo from the last night of a girls holiday in Kavos that needs one hell of an explanation. 



99 times out of 100, you’re going to be disappointed. However sometimes, a £4 midi dress or leather pencil skirt just sounds like a risk you’re willing to take.  

To top it all off, the main reason every girl needs eBay in her life is for the bidding wars. Nothing compares to the rush of winning an eBay auction and knowing you’ve grabbed a bargain and stole it from someone else all at the same time. Don’t let some gobshite think they can outbid you by a measly 36p! 

If you’re overflowing with competitiveness and need somewhere to let it all out, get on eBay. Just don’t get drunk first; you might think waking up to drunk texts to your ex are bad but just wait until you wake up to find you’ve blown £50 on some absolute shite even your mum wouldn’t wear.


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