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I love dirty scran. There’s nothing that makes the pleasure centres in my brain fire off like melted cheese and just gorgeous disgusting-ness. It’s well known that the Big Mac is the best Maccies burger ever invented (no matter how many specials they bring out during the year) and the pizza is the best takeaway. Now Crazy Pedro’s Liverpool has married off these two giants of the scran world and they’ve given birth to a beautiful child – the Mac Daddy aka big mac pizza.

Crazy Pedro’s Liverpool seemed like the obvious choice for the annual Scouse Bird HQ Christmas night out – there’s mad cocktails, dirty pizza and decent music. There were 7 of us out and 12 pizzas on the menu (plus specials) so we chose 7 pizzas for the table to share and the barman looked horrified; “That’s a LOT of pizza yano” He wasn’t wrong, the pizzas are massive. They do offer takeaway though so rather than waste amazing pizza, we took it away for some local homeless Liverpool residents.

So what should you order from Crazy Pedro’s Liverpool

The pizza we all rated as top and that you absolutely HAVE to try is the Mac Daddy pizza (aka the Big Mac pizza) – it comes with burger, lettuce and ‘special sauce’ on a giant cheesy base. It’s heaven.

A close second was the crispy duck pizza complete with hoisin sauce, cucumber and spring onions – IT WAS CRISPY DUCK PANCAKES ON A PIZZA. It’s like the chef in there just goes, “Right, what foods are boss? Let’s stick it on a pizza and make it better.”

Pipping the rest of the pizzas to third place was the seasonal special, the “Mary, Joseph and Baby Cheesus” pizza, which is basically a Christmas dinner pizza – complete with stuffing, parsnips and pigs in blankets. It’s what the three wise men should have brought instead of frankincense and myrrh… although we’ll keep the gold. Gold is sound.

I also want to give an honourable mention to the Blueberry Hill pizza – feta, red onion, watercress, blueberries and balsamic glaze – because for every one of them sold, they feed a local homeless person and that’s just dead dead good.

Cocktail wise, we tried a few but all agreed that the nicest one by far was the LCD Swizzle – gin, watermelon, lemon, mint & apple – it was the perfect blend of sweet and tart.

We visited Crazy Pedro’s Liverpool oooo 6 months ago now and I can confirm that not a single day has gone by where I haven’t had fantasies about that Mac Daddy pizza. I need another one ASAP.

For more information and to peruse their mouth watering menu – visit the Crazy Pedro’s website.


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