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While some may feel that the fact Monica Geller could afford such a beautiful, spacious apartment in New York is the most unrealistic part of Friends, others know the real big question we should be asking – Just how the hell did Monica keep her huge flat so immaculately clean whilst working full time and Joey constantly around to mess things up? Well, Miss Geller (or Mrs Bing, did she ever take Chandler’s name??) is obviously a cleaning and organisation hero and we can all learn from her so dig out your label maker and get your home as spotless as one of Central Perk’s best customers.

1. Firstly, don’t let anything or anyone get in your way…

2. Or use big life events as a chance to skip cleaning. Sure, it’s your wedding day but you can’t start marital bliss with dirty dishes around the place, can you?

3. Don’t let the little things go unnoticed. Okay, maybe you’ll lose a few friends but did you really want slobs as mates?

4. If you let people help you, make sure they know who’s in charge….

5. Remember, pros know that cleaning equipment also needs cleaning itself.

6. Manage your social life carefully. Sure, it would be fun to go out with friends but those skirting boards aren’t going to clean themselves


7. Make sure you always check that others clean to Monica Clean standards – even if they are hired professionals.

8. Don’t let anyone slack off when it comes to their duties – not even at parties….

9. NEVER give away your secret ingredient to anyone. Not even your own mother.

10. And remember, sleep is overrated – think how much cleaning you can do whilst others are dozing!


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