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Eyebrows are the nipples of the face and if you’re taking the plunge and going for an eye brow tattoo, it’s important you get it right. Here’s why I think Jane Hargreaves is the absolute best in Liverpool, nay, the world. Semi permanent make up is a bit of a commitment so you have to make sure you make the right decision.

Don’t worry if you’ve had it done and it’s all gone wrong for you. Jane is the correction queen. I wanted to change my eyebrow shape, colour and texture from an earlier SPMU procedure and she managed to surpass my expectations. She is amazing.

You’ll find her based at the Rocky Lane Medical Centre in Childwall – it’s a proper doctors surgery so you can be assured that her rooms are medical grade clean.

Pain-wise, I explain for in the video but the first pass where the skin is first broken is the worst bit, after that the numbing cream can penetrate deeper down and work more effectively. The right side can string a little more than the left (something to do with pain receptors in the brain) but neither side was horrific and after the first pass I couldn’t really feel anything anyway. The actual tattooing takes about 40 mins.

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