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I would like to start this review by applauding Lindzi Germain – AKA the Queen of The Royal Court. I can genuinely say she had my sides splitting before the show even started! Not only is she an absolutely brilliant actress but she also co-wrote the show.

I can honestly say this was one of the funniest shows I’ve seen in The Royal Court for a while. Based on our very own Royal Hospital, the show is set on the last day of it’s demolition… the only problem being there are still a few staff and a couple of patients stuck inside on the 5th floor. The whole cast were phenomenal and each individual had me crying laughing at some point – even the character of Mrs Llewellen, played by Phil Heseltine who literally didn’t speak one word! One of the main characters Paddy O’Shaughnessy is a fit Irish builder who is actually played by Danny O’Brien (who is Scouse) but does the Irish accent phenomenally. He also plays a bit of a hero figure so ladies, I’m sure you’ll be slobbering at one point through the show. Nothing better than a bit of eye candy is there?

And there’s more…

I love The Royal Court, there’s nothing better than being able to eat a gorgeous meal at your seat before the show starts. (By the way, you NEED to get the salt & pepper chicken, it’s to die for.) They also do a dessert menu or a cheese board you can choose from at the beginning of the show that are served to you during the interval. (But if you’re a greedy cow like me you’ll get both). I chose the cheesecake of course to go with my cheese board.

It’s 100% an absolute “must see” and I promise you’ll be laughing the whole way through. It’s crazy, it’s exciting and it’s absolutely side splitting comical. You can buy tickets here:

It’s also written by the makers of Brick Up The Mersey Tunnel.


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