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After a crazy Xmas & New Year we weren’t able to post our January colour hotlist, but fear not, it’s back and this month (seeing as we’re in the throws of winter) we’re celebrating all things Icy colours. That could be icy blue and white, frosty glitter or even snowy pearlescents and holographics. Here’s to all things cool…

The Icy Hotlist

Who doesn’t love stationery??? The only thing better than a fancy new pen, is a fancy glittery pen. This 10 pack of glittery markers (Smiggle) will have you feeling all nostalgic for school and have you underling your headings and doodling in the border of your fresh new 2017 diaries and notebooks. Gorgeous.

I can’t say much more about this other than 😍😍😍 Even a sinner has got to love drinking from this heavenly angel wing mug – the handle even comes in heavenly white or high shine celestial silver.

Some things should deffo be left in the 90’s (I’m looking at you skinny eyebrows and blue hair mascara), but the 90’s gave us hella cool stuff. No teenage bedroom was complete without a lava lamp, or even better a glitter one. Feel the nostalgia everyday with this mini glitter rocket lamp, perfect for your office desk when your boss is winding you up and you want to remember a better time, when the worst thing you had to worry about was  how long your mum was gonna take on the phone to Jeanette from work ‘cos you need the phoneline to chat to everyone on MSN.

If UD know how to do anything, it’s how to create some absolute GOALS make up. Their NAKED palettes are a make up bag must-have but they’re not just all about nudes and everyday wear; if you like experimentation, UD is your brand. The new range of heavy metal eyeliners are so so fab and (we love ‘Spandex’ and ‘ACDC’ )will have you sitting in your bedroom mirror experimenting for hours.

It’s waterproof, it’s got a sucker so you can stick it anywhere and it’s even got a (some might say, spermlike) tail so it can wrap around anything. The Poke Swimmer Duo is perfect for camping, wrapping round your poolside umbrella on holiday and even for singing in the shower – when beltng out Whitney acapella just isn’t kind to your self esteem. Anywhere where there’s call for tunes and there’s going to be water, this little gadget really comes into its own. The acoustics on it are great (it’s very loud) and by sticking it to different surfaces you can really experiment with the volume and bass sounds.

Are you frosty? Do you leave exes out in the cold? Are you queen of all snow and ice? Then these icy glitter make up brushes are all you hunny! Slayyyy 💅

As if icy wasn’t cool enough (get it?), these headphones are also super sparkly and with an amazing rose gold trim. Top that off with the fact they’re super comfy, won’t break the bank and with amazing sound quality and it makes them just a little bit perfect really doesn’t it??

It’s always nice to give yourself some extra special pamper time and there’s no better way to round off your skincare rotuine than with a decent night cream – end the day by making sure you start the next one looking glowing.The Advanced Caviar Night Moisturiser from world famous skinChemists features decadent Caviar Extract, which replenishes essential fatty acids and helps repair damaged skin ans the active enzyme Protease breaks down dead cells and balances natural pH levels. The Shea Butter rounds off this gorgeous potion to leave your skin drop dead amazing. Plus it comes in this amazing icy silver orb that would be a welcome addition to any dressing table or bathroom shelf.

For the first time in my life I wished I was a man when I saw these shoes. Dobell Menswear do tons of affordable formal wear but by the the jewel (or rather pearl) in the crown are these amazing pearlescent shoes. At first glance they a normal pair of patent black dress shoes but when the light hits them, a glistening icy blue shines through. These are soooo perfect for the likes of weddings and the races and being Dobell, they’re not going to break the bank.

For only a couple of pounds, you can’t get much icier than these amazing slogan pens – the icy white one contains super shiney crystals and reminds you to slay, every day. Boss.

Ice ice baby.



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