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This week sees the return of CATS to the Liverpool Empire. Andrew Lloyd Webber might be the type of stand up guy to fly halfway across the world to vote to cut people’s benefits, but he sure can knock out a good musical.

Cats is a show full of energy so if you like your musicals all singing, all dancing, all of the time then this is the one to see. It opens on the night of the Jellicle ball, and of course, there’s nothing Scousers love more than a ball.

The singing and dancing never stop and be prepared for some close encounters with the cats. The staging is great and the lighting and effects create the perfect atmosphere. The show is well choreographed, with the stand out song ‘Memory’, being reprised several times to rapturous applause. It had all the qualities of a west end show, which is always great to see at the Empire.

Although the plot is easy to follow,it’s well worth reading the synopsis in the program beforehand so you can identify all of the characters. All the performances were strong, Olivier Saviles stood out as Rum Tum Tiger and the magic of Mister Mistoffeiees will have you mesmorised.

Lots of fun and a great night’s entertainment. Certainly a show guaranteed to create some ‘memories’ (sorry).

Cats runs at the Empire until 16th July and you can grab your tickets here.



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