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If you ask most people these days whether or not they’ve experienced virtual reality, they’ll probably say yes – but what they mean is they’ve got one of those shitty £10 headsets from their auntie Vera for Christmas that you stick your phone in. That. Is. Not. Virtual. Reality. I swear.

VR Here in Liverpool (Paul Street, right on the way into town from the North end) opened a couple of years ago and I’ve been meaning to go down and try it out for about that long.

Finally the stars aligned, my diary was free and last week I got to experience the joy and wonder that is actual, proper virtual reality and I have to say it is SICK. It’s absolutely not on any sort of level with doing it with your phone – the headsets and controllers they use will genuinely have you feeling like you’re stood on a rooftop in Bangkok, or on a space station shooting at robots, a real archer in a ruined castle or even Spiderman himself swinging through the buildings.

My favourite game was called Beat Saber and it’s kind of like Star Wars meets Guitar Hero. You have a couple of coloured light sabers in your hand and coloured block come towards you in time to the music and you have to slash them in the correct direction with the correct saber and I don’t want to blow my own trumpeter or anything (I’m gonna) but I was boss at it and wiped some woman called Debbie’s top score off the top 5 spots. Suck it Deborah. As well as slashing at the blocks, you also have to dodge giant walls coming towards you or squat underneath them so I promised you, your body will be aching all over the next day and you’ll work up a hell of a sweat.


As I’m getting older I find that I don’t want my social life to centre around going out and drinking (honestly I really can’y hack the hangovers anymore) so something like this is perfect; it’s fun and it actually burns a ton of calories.

At the moment VR Here are set up to have up to 4 players at once (meaning you can take your mates and play a multi player game like paintballing or archery (which can get very competitive very quickly) BUT in the next couple of months they’re expanding into the unit next door which will mean that they’ll be able to host up to 8 players at once.

So, if you’re looking to do something a bit different I can fully recommend giving virtual reality a shot, but I will warn you, it’s kind of addictive.

For more information and for opening times etc visit the VR Here website.



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