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Posted On: 10/11/2015

By: Scouse Bird

After 4 (extremely) unsuccessful attempts, I finally passed my driving test this September. I’m 30. The freedom I feel now is so great that it really makes me wish I’d done it years ago – being able to go the shop, or the post office, or to your mum’s for a cup of tea is just so… CONVENIENT!

The only thing is, I couldn’t really do it years ago because I couldn’t afford it – having a mortgage and a ridiculous amount of debt due to unnecessary shoe purchases (are shoe purchases ever really unnecessary though?) and living near really good public transport links meant that learning to drive (and then having to deal with the rising cost of petrol and stupid car insurance prices) just seemed a bit…”be arsed.”

So what to do if you can’t drive or can’t afford to drive or don’t agree with car related pollution? Are you destined for a life on the peasant wagon? Avoiding the crazy old fella with brown teeth and a distinct eau de urine who always insists on sitting next to you?

Nah. Enter the cutest, cheapest and greenest (pollution wise… it comes in a range of colours) way of getting on the road you’ve ever seen. The Artisan lecky scooter.

Isn’t it gorgeous?

A Wirral based company, Artisan Scooters have come up with a completely original design (based on the classic Vespa) and each model is put together by hand. You can get it in polar white, dusk blue (like a baby blue), latte mint (pictured above, my fave) & storm grey. For a massive picture gallery of them, click here.

You don’t need a full driving licence to ride it, just a provisional and to pass your CBT (compulsory basic training), which you cannot fail (only fail to complete the full course if you get me) – this means anyone aged 16 or over can ride one.

Before your nearest and dearest start having heart palpitations at you whizzing off on one of these – the max speed is 30mph so there’s no motorway driving, but it is perfect for getting round the city centre or to work, college or uni and back. No more bussing it 🙌. If you love a good camping holiday, it’s perfect for getting down to the village shop for your eggs and bacon in the morning too, well, your fella can while you have a lie in anyway. Prin lyf.

When I went down to look at the scooters (they look fab in the pictures but when you see them IRL they’re even fitter) I had in my head that they’d be at least £3500 but I was shocked to find that they’re less than half that – £1495 is the standard price. A yearly Trio is nearly that much!

If you’re not satisfied with the standard model you can upgrade it and customise it in loads of ways – whether you want a leather luggage pouch, a baby pink leather seat or you want to cover the wheel arches in flowers or leopard print it’s up to you. Because they’re made and designed by Artisan Scooters and put together by hand, whatever you can dream up they can do.

It’s way cheaper than a car to run as well; you won’t be filling up the tank with £60 every month, you won’t even spend that all year. You just plug it into the mains of your house to charge overnight and it costs about 18p a charge. You can’t even buy a Freddo for that.

Best of all, you get to rock up at bae’s house and do this:


For more info about the Artisan scooter or to buy, visit Artisan scooters website


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