Scouse Bird Problems – The Scouse Dictionary of Business Jargon

Posted On: 25/02/2016

By: Carl Connor

With the advent of Northern Powerhouse Schemes, Liverpool is once again going to prove itself as a business metropolis – it was recently named as the top entrepreneurial city in the UK.

The handy guide below will help any Scouser to navigate the inevitable business terms that may arise.

Feel free to print this out and put it in your wallet/purse. Just make sure it doesn’t get taxed.

Accrue [Pr: A-crew] =  A gang

Adjusted Account = I changed me story

Annual [Pr: An-you-Al] = You as well, Alan/Alastair

Arbiter [Pr: R-bitter] = My Evertonian

Asset stripping [Pr: A-set-stripping] = A group getting naked

Boss = Great

De Facto [Pr: Dee-Fact-Dough] = The truth, though

Deposition [Pr: Dee-position]  = The location

Director [Pr: Direct-‘er] = Tell her where to go

Diverse [Pr: Deh-verse] = The bit before the chorus

Domain [Pr: Dough-main] = Main source of cash

EBITDA [Pr: EE-BIT-DAH] = He has taken a bite from that

E-zine [Pr: Ez-een] = He is Ian

Feasible [Pr: Feez-a-bull] = If he is a male cow

Legalese [Pr: Legal-E’s] = Synthetic ecstasy tablets

Mandate = A pub visit

Mandatory [Pr: Man-date-tory] = His bird votes conservative

Margin [Pr: Mar-Gin]= Mother’s alcohol

Market [Pr: Mar-Ket = Mother’s horse tranquiliser

Media [Pr: Me-dear] = My dear

Officiate [Pr: A-Fish-EE-Ate] = An aquatic animal has eaten

Open Source [Pr: Open-sauce] = Unclose the ketchup/HP

Petty Cash = Money reserved for gasoline

Privatise [Pr: Private-eyes] = Detectives

Quota [Pr: Quote-‘er] = Repeat her

Racketeer [Pr: Racket-‘ere] = It’s noisy in this place

Tax = Steal

Third Party = The venue after the second party

Treasurer [Pr: Treasure-‘er] = Love her

Turnover = Prepare for sex from behind

Now you can all be dead boss at business.

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