Scouse Bird Problems – What To Do If Your Life Is Actually A Car Crash

Posted On: 04/03/2016

By: Scarlett Wonderland

“Women drivers.” Ohh yes, men love that one don’t they. Despite the common misconception, statistically men have more crashes than women – time to turn it in, gobshites, the stats have spoken.

That said, crashes are horrible. One minute you might be minding your own business singing your heart out along to Juice, the next some maniac in a Ford Transit has smashed into the back of you. Sometimes, and we’re talking very VERY rarely, you might be having an off day and bump into someone else. Shhhh, it must of been your fella’s fault somehow, right? Either way, if you’re ever unlucky enough to be involved in an accident, (touch wood) you need to know what to do. So today, ladies, we’re headed back to school with National Claims Helpline to lay out exactly what to do if your car decides to bump uglies with another one – just 5 little things you NEED to know.


1)      Stop and don’t panic

There’s nothing like an unexpected crash to send you into meltdown, especially when you can’t cope at the best of times, but the most important thing is to try to stay calm. Turn your engine off and put your hazards on – and whatever you do, don’t bail the scene of the accident… that’s very much against the law.

2)      Check that no one is injured 

If anyone has been hurt, or if the cars are blocking the road call 999 or 101 as quickly as possible

3)      Swap details

To make the claiming process easier you need to swap details. You’re going to need;

Obviously, it’s a bonus if the other party is a grade A fitty. Silver linings and all that!


4)      Get any witness details

Grab the name, number and address of anyone who saw what happened… again, bonus if they’re fit.

5)      Take photos

No, not a sad-face-emoji-snapchat for your mates (do that on the way home) – we mean photos of any damage, weather conditions and anything else that may be relevant in the claims process.

Fingers crossed you won’t need to ever worry about what to do in the event of a crash, but if the worst happens just remember to stay calm – these things sometimes happen, it’s just important to take control of what happens next. To make sure you’re never left in a tizz, take a look at National Claims Helpline’s website, and keep this printable in your car so you always know how to handle yourself when the going gets rough!

Download form here to keep in your car

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