Scouse Bird Problems – “Wanna come and Tiddle Me?”

Posted On: 25/02/2016

By: Scouse Bird

No I’m not being filthy, it’s a new app sweeping the nation, and best of all, it’s been designed by Scousers! Picture this – You meet someone new, whether it be a friend of a friend you’ve been introduced to (hopefully a single, fit one), or you’ve just became bff’s with some random girl in the toilets on a night out, and you want to stay in touch. Let’s face it, no one texts anymore, it’s all social media!


So which one do you ask for? Facebook seems too personal, twitter not personal enough and Insta can potentially come across a bit pervy.

Thankfully there’s a new form of social media, or a better way to put it, a social media manager app. Basically, instead of asking for all of your new mates’ social media @’s, you just have to ask, “What’s your TiddleMe?” You now have access to all of them; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Flickr, YouTube and even RSS Feed should you have just befriended a blogger.

So why is it boss?

  • You can add any of the social media apps that you use above to your TiddleMe profile. This is great for two main reasons; you can manage, view, update and switch between them all without leaving the app, and view your TiddleMe friends’ social collection too! If you’re as lazy as me then this is the best news ever.
  • You can decide which of your apps to share with each of your TiddleMe friends individually. Any family that add you, let them see Facebook and (maybe) Instagram but definitely not Twitter – I doubt your great Aunty Pat will understand why you’re trolling ‘that lovely’ Piers Morgan again! People you don’t know very well (like that girl who was in your year in primary school who you awkwardly bumped into again at Slimming World), then let them see your Twitter, Insta and Tumblr but not your Facebook – which is reserved for just your best buds.
  • It’s got all the obvious but necessary functions too like Instant Messaging so you can keep the bitching about your newly added friend exclusive to just your bestie.
  • It’s really simple and easy to use and could just be the next big thing.
  • One of the features we really liked which none of the other SM manager apps have got onto yet is an audio button. This is such a good function that can be used in loads of ways; it can be a voicemail style greeting to anyone who visits your page, your favourite joke, or if you’re a business using TiddleMe it could even be used to show off your company jingle. 


On a purely personal note – this week the Scouse Bird Problems Instagram was deleted. At first I thought it had been hacked but it’s one worse than that – it had been maliciously reported by an individual or indivduals (I won’t go into too much detail and I certainly won’t name and shame and give them the exposure they crave) but either way it’s not coming back. Sniff sniff. I am obviously gutted that nearly 4 years of hard work building a follower base has gone down the drain but ‘c’est la vie’ with a baby on the way I refuse to get too stressed out about it. I have got a new account but now that’s been cancelled as I tried to follow all the same people I used to follow and Instagram thought I was a spam bot – seriously Insta, can I live?? Since when did you become a paraoid mess?? You’re worse than me ex every time I went within 100 metres of another male. Anyway guys – add me on Tiddle Me and no matter what account I’ve got and when, you’ll always be able to stay up to date! (The new account should be back on soon once I’ve proved I’m realer than J-Lo circa 2001).


Insta be like ☝️

So, only one question remains – have you been tiddled yet?

Download TiddleMe for free here:

iPhone Appstore



Scouse Bird

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