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To be honest, this started out as a post on Facebook about the food diaries but then it turned into some mad confessional about why I'm hitting pause on Slimming World. I have so much more to say so here I am, blogging my head off about it. I’ve tried...
scouse bird second chances and forgiveness

Second Chances and Forgiveness

Deep down, I think everyone’s biggest fear is looking weak. We have this preconception that we always have to have the upper hand, no...
scouse bird tinder timewaster

Tinder Timewaster: How to tell if you got one on your hands

The dating game has changed. Gone are the days when it was the done thing to go to a bar, meet a gang of...
scouse bird things i wish i knew in my twenties

30 Things I wish I’d known in my twenties

Your twenties are supposed to be all fun, responsibility free and 'the best years of your life' (although they did say that about school...
scouse bird signs you're a rebound

7 Signs That You’re Just A Rebound

Right ok, so you’ve met your Mr. Perfect. The lad you’ve told all your mates and family about because you think this one could...

What to do when you get dumped: A step by step guide

So you've been dumped. Don't worry, you're going to be ok. Cry Now this may sound obvious, but honestly feel zero shame in crying till you...
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